Klean Group

Klean Capital is an active investor in the, property, waste management, energy storage, renewables, cleantech and green technology sector. It develops specialized financial solutions and offering project financing, private equity, trade finance, PPP funding, venture capital and unique funding solutions for a wide variety of projects globally.

Klean Carbon® is a carbon black filler product produced exclusively by Klean Industries Inc. Klean Carbon® CBk-EX®, CBk-RX® and CBk-SX® are new grades of carbon black reinforcing fillers that can fully or partially replace N300, N600 and N700 series of traditional Conventional Carbon Blacks “CCB”. The CBk proprietary process is a post processing method and technology platform that significantly modifies and improves the recovered carbon black (rCB) from tire pyrolysis and reduces the rCB agglomerations and particle size, reduces zinc and silica for better dispersion and removes impurities such as ash which is key to restoring the reinforcement properties of rCB to produce the CBk functional fillers.

Klean Coal presents one of the single greatest opportunities to the coal industry since its discovery and initial use as an industrial energy commodity. Klean Coal is developing new projects based on building extremely profitable alternative fuel projects using on low grade coals. The technologies employed by Klean Coal are environmentally sound, commercially proven and in use on a large scale around the globe.

Klean Commodities is engaged in the manufacture, distribution, import and export of sustainable high grade commodities and chemical raw materials.

Klean Consulting is the management consulting arm of Klean Industries which provides leading-edge, innovative consulting solutions to clients worldwide. We are a leading resource recovery and sustainability consultancy. We assist and guide organisations with research, strategy, policy development and action plans to deliver triple bottom line outcomes in waste, resource management and sustainability.

Klean Energy is a project based on the development and deployment of a new and improved technology platform for heavy oil production, upgrading, and in-situ developments in Alberta’s oil (tar) sands. A unique process that is far more efficient, produces no carbon emissions and uses recycled water and produces no waste or tailings.

Klean Fuel uses a plastics to oil technology known as pyrolysis to convert a wide variety of waste plastics into ASTM spec grade liquid fuels. Klean fuel plans to own and operate a series of strategically sited plastic to oil plants in Europe, Asia, North America, and South America.

Klean Industries is a environmentally conscious industrial energy company focused on providing renewable energy, resource-recovery and recycling solutions. The company is specialized in the design, manufacture, and installation of advanced thermal treatment facilities using carbonization, liquefaction, pyrolysis, and gasification technologies to produce clean energy products.

Klean Oils is the exclusive importer and exporter of the unique, patented ECO-Klean (Lube) Oil Dialysis Technology. This technology completely eliminates the need for oil changes in any engine that uses oil or lubricants in order to delivery power and energy. Providing sustainable solutions while saving costs and protecting your machinery – NEVER EVER CHANGE YOUR OIL AGAIN!

Klean Power is focused on the upcoming Waste to Energy project in Vancouver. Klean has partnered with Plenary Group, and Corix to deliver this state-of-the-art integrated waste processing facility which is based on a commercially proven technology platform.

At Klean Recycling, we are serious about recycling electronics. By selling us your used electronics you are in fact extending their lifespan or ensuring their proper recycling. If your electronics are not in working order we will completely recycle these devices and recover the precious metal such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium including the plastics and any additional metals which will be reused in making new products.

Klean Travel is a unique travel agency that offers the best personalize travel services. Additionally, all travel services provided by Klean Travel are carbon neutral, as we offset each trip with certified carbon offsets – at no extra cost to the travelers. Klean Travel has partnered with Klean Industries to purchase and combine their offset from specific clean energy and recycling projects to offer you climate neutral travel solutions.

Klean Water provides world-class commercially proven water treatment technologies & solutions for the oil & gas, mining and municipal sectors. Our technology helps customers save money, be environmentally compliant, & recover valuable resources from the treatment of industrial water.